A New Machine!!

But first, a brief history of my sewing machines….

1984 – I inherit my mother’s no-name sewing machine. (my dad was friends with an import/exporter so I have no idea where it came from, probably called a Zinger or something like that.)

1988 – Sears Kenmore – my mother’s machine just died…stopped working. Gave it to a friend for her sister who’s house had burned down – her husband oiled it and it ran fine…who knew?!?

2002 – I want a Papillon. Husband says no more pets. I put my name in at the shelter saying if they ever get a Papillon to call. They call…ON MY BIRTHDAY…husband buys me a Brother sewing machine instead. Smart guy – I don’t have to walk or feed a sewing machine!

2006 – Finally purchase a big ticket sewing machine – a Pfaff 2027 and am in love!

2013 – purchase the Pfaff Passport 2.0 – am now officially a Pfaffie!

I wanted to show that I haven’t had expensive or big name sewing machines, my Brother machine was my first “big” purchase at all of $300! (I thought that was a lot back then!)…but now I’m a Pfaffie…I would go on quilting retreats and ogle all the fancy machines and the Pfaff always stuck out – I loved the IDT (basically a built in walking foot). I finally took a trip to Nashua Sew and Vac in Nashua  and looked at machines…and looked, and looked. I knew what I wanted, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money! I finally got up the nerve and took the plunge! And I haven’t looked back yet! I have not had a single problem with that machine since purchasing it!
Fast forward to last week…I always looked longingly when friends would whip out their little Gem sewing machines…they were so lightweight, they didn’t have to take apart their sewing spaces to come on retreat. It just wasn’t fair (stomping foot)! While at MQX Quilt Festival in Manchester this past week I spoke with one of the sewing machine dealers about a lightweight machine…he told me about a machine that sounded pretty good…a little pricey, but good. Then as I was walking around the show floor I came across Ruthie from Nashua Sew and Vac and I complained to her how I would so love it if Pfaff were to come out with a lightweight, portable machine that does neat things and voila! They JUST came out with one!! I mean literally! Pfaff introduced the Passport 2.0 this month! I had to have it! (I don’t do that often, just so you know!)

I went home that afternoon and brought the subject up with my husband…I know, I know, I don’t have to ask him, but we have a shared household and we like to run big purchases by each other. This conversation went a lot better since about 2 weeks ago I compared his guitar purchases with my sewing machine purchases and we were a little uneven (if you know what I mean). But he didn’t give me an answer…

Last day of the show…I can save $100 if I buy it at the show…The show ends in an hour…he’s teaching confirmation class…he never has his cell phone with him and if he does, he doesn’t have it on…what to do…I know! I’ll send text messages to his students (my youth group kids!) to ask him — he can’t say “no” in front of them, right?

RIGHT! I got the OK and got myself a new machine! And I must say, I’m in love again! It sews like a dream and even has more bells and whistles than my older Pfaff! So now I’m ready to take it anywhere!!

Let’s SEW!!

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Susan Getchell

And why not, eh? It’s not as though it’s going to sit in a corner and collect dust from never being used.

Now I’m going to have to look into this new machine myself. I’ve got a Pfaff I bought more than 15 years ago. I’d even take a Singer Featherweight if I could find one, but they’re up there in price too, considering the age of them.

Something new and shiney might be just the ticket!!!

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