Quilting services are available to fit every need and budget. From basic quilting design to heirloom quilting, Garden Gate Quilting provides a beautiful finished product in a timely manner.

Preparing your Quilt Top

In order for Garden Gate Quilting to give you the best service possible, please prepare your quilt in the following manner:

Your backing fabric needs to be 10″ larger than your quilt top. (example – if you quilt top is 80″ x 60″, your backing needs to be 90″ x 70″. Batting should be at least 5″ larger on all four sides.

If your backing is seamed, please use a 1/2″ seam allowance and remove all selvage from your backing fabric. Press the seam open.

Do not use safety pins or baste your quilt in any way. Please mark the top left corner of your quilt top and backing with a safety pin.

Please be sure that the backing fabric is square. A charge of $20 will be added if the backing fabric requires squaring up.

Quilting Patterns

A variety of patterns are available to suit your taste. Please feel free to choose a pattern that you like, or consult with Lisa if you are unsure what pattern fits your quilt. Custom quilting is also available. Lisa will be happy to discuss design options with you to make your quilting dreams come true!


You’ve spent a long time creating your quilt top. Whether your quilt is a gift for a loved one, a show-piece, or just to put on your own bed, quality quilting increases the beauty and value of your quilt. Don’t hold back–turn your quilt into an heirloom with Garden Gate Quilting.

Quilting Services Price
Pantographs (edge to edge pattern) .0166¢ per sq inch and up
Custom Quilting (feathers, stitch-in-the-ditch, freehand designs) .05¢ per sq inch and up
Basting (for hand quilting) .005¢ per sq inch
Batting Price
Quilter’s Dream Cotton Select Loft (93″ wide) $8.00 per yard
Hobbs 80/20 (93″ wide, 80% Cotton/20% Poly) $7.00 per yard
Hobbs 80/20 Pre-packaged King Size (122″x122″) $40.00 each
Other lofts and wool batting available on request.
Binding Services Price
Prepare French Fold Binding 5¢ per linear inch
Attach Binding 5¢ per linear inch
Finish by Machine 10¢ per sq inch
Finish by Hand 15¢ per sq inch
Other Fees Price
Thread Fee (extra charges may apply for specialty threads) $4.00
Press Quilt Top or Backing $20.00
Square up Backing $20.00
USPS Shipping (includes $200 insurance) $15.00
Minimum Charge $40.00

Garden Gate Quilting accepts payment by cash or checks payable to Garden Gate Quilting. Payment by Paypal or Venmo can also be arranged if requested.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with Lisa to start the process. Be sure to include all the information you can, and Garden Gate Quilting will work with you to achieve your vision.

“As a novice quilter, I love how my quilts look after Lisa’s done with them. And all my mistakes remain a secret with her! ”
—Suzanne, customer since 2006

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