There is a camp along Sta-ha-he shores….

Camp Trexler is its name… Well, Camp Trexler used to be its name. Trexler was a Lutheran Camp for boys in Harriman State Park in NY from the 1930’s until 1986. My husband worked there from 1977 until 1983 and I worked there the summer of 1982 right after we were married. We had so many good times there, that I started a group for alumni on FaceBook. When I started the group, we had three members. Myself, my husband and my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law’s first post was, “Now what?” My answer was, “we wait” and sure enough, just like… Read more »

OH — IO!

On Friday, July 30, we get up at the crack of dawn to catch a flight to Detroit and visit friends and family in Ohio. Do you believe that in order to catch a 6:20 am flight you have to be at the airport at 5:00 am! And of course that was the least expensive flight, so we “had” to do it! Our flights were on time and after a brief (30 min) plane change in Chicago (yes, we flew to Chicago to go to Detroit!) we arrive at Detroit Regional Airport (DTW). I was pleasantly surprised with how nice… Read more »

Day Seven…Saturday

Even though I got up relatively early, I didn’t beat René who was already packing the car with her dad! We had yet another breakfast of English muffins and spun honey (it’s addicting!) and got ready to leave. I really can’t begin to thank Winn and Jerry for their hospitality! What wonderful hosts they were! I never felt awkward or out of place…I felt like I was home. I got to meet René’s brother Jim that morning…but he’s a “keep to yourself” kind of guy so we really didn’t get to talk. Isn’t it interesting when you meet your friend’s… Read more »

Day Six…Friday

Our last day in Pennsylvania. Ahhhhhh I got to sleep in today! After a yummy breakfast of English muffins and spun honey (René has quite the sweet tooth, I’ve found out!) we headed up to the sewing room and sewed most of the morning in our pajamas (so decadent!). I worked on a liturgical stole for my daughter-in-law, Sarah, Winn worked on another bag and René…I can’t remember what René worked on! Later that afternoon we took a trip to the Vanity Fair outlets. There were definitely some bargains to be had! I purchased three shirts and six pair of… Read more »

Day Five…Thursday

They let me sleep a little later this morning…I think they were feeling a little guilty! We headed out to the Hershey Quilt show to see what was cooking there — I really think they had more vendors than quilts at this show! There were a couple of really cool vendors and some of the same old, same old vendors. The quilts were great! Some of them really knocked my socks off! There was a nice mix of hand and machine quilting – both were incredible, too! After spending the day at the quilt show, we headed back to Winn’s… Read more »

Day Four…Wednesday

Today was Fabric Run Day! We hit a lot of fabric stores and had a great day! I think I was at the point where I just automatically got in the car and got out when they told me to! We started out at Cedar Lane Dry Goods, then hit Zooks Fabrics and then onto Old Country Store where I found the most amazing green leaf fabric! Can’t wait to make another bag with it. Then on to Dutchland Quilt Patch, Gena’s Quilt Shop and Log Cabin Quilts Shop! These ladies can shop!! We hit Deaners for lunch – oh… Read more »

Day 3…Tuesday

Another early (for me) morning…up, showered, coffeed and away we go! Stopped at Country Pine Furniture – René was looking for a lampshade…they have some gorgeous stuff here! If I knew where I was, I’d post directions for you to check it out! Let’s put it this way, if you’re in and around Reading PA, look for Country Pine Furniture and go in! After lampshade shopping we made it to two quilt shops, Sauders and Burkholders…I bought a couple of pieces of fabric at Sauders but didn’t really find anything that caught my attention at Burkholders, but they had really… Read more »

Day Two…Monday

Monday morning…up bright and early (well for me anyway) at 7:15 am. We had a great breakfast and headed out to see René and Winn’s friend Crystal. On the way we stopped at Wooden Bridge Dry Goods for a little shopping and for René to pick up the quilt she was having hand quilted. The quilt was beautiful! After that we stopped at Echo  Hill so René could pick up her granola ingredients. Echo Hill is like an Amish Sam’s Club! Lots of bulk foods and goodies! I had never seen so many “butters” in my life! Apple butter, blueberry… Read more »

Day One…Sunday

We had a great trip to Reading. Uneventful for the most part…except for the highway being closed due to an accident. Luckily my Droid has Google maps that shows traffic and we saw the traffic mess before we hit it and were able to route around it. Arrived at the Goulet’s and enjoyed a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers. What a lovely house they have! At around 11 pm we kept saying we should get to bed….at midnight, we finally did! I slept under a beautiful quilt with a coffee maker all set up next to me… Read more »

“The baby quilt you quilted is amazing. Thank you very much! ”
—Denise, customer since 2004

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