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Rising from the ashes…

Okay, so that might be a little dramatic, but that’s really what it feels like. I haven’t sewn much of anything for about a year. Between Covid-19 and just general apathy I haven’t really felt creative at all, but yesterday afternoon I saw a pattern I had purchased to make my great nephew a quilt and something stirred inside of me…am I ready? Yep, I was! I started picking fabrics and fell back in love with piecing! I may have been a little concerned that I would be rusty after so long, but I still got it! So I’m back… Read more »

On Being Creative…

In December of 2011, a group of seven quilters formed the “Creative Conglomeration” and for the next 11 months offered up challenges based on color. Some of the challenges were basic (use seven shades of green), and some were very specific (use this piece of fabric and the theme is…). I had a ball completing each of the challenges – even though I was lucky to meet the deadlines! Fast forward to October 2013 – Nine friends decide to take a trip to MA to hear a lecture and trunk show by Victoria Findley Wolfe – we were in awe…. Read more »

Building Up Friday!

Today started off as it usually does, came downstairs and started reading emails but that’s when it changed…I got a snarky email which put a ding in my day, then the replies and such and then I got an email from a friend advising to give it over to God and get on with your day and she was right. So I decided, instead of tearing someone down, I was going to build someone up today! So here it is: I have several very creative friends…mind boggling creative…stand in awe creative! One of them is Marie. Marie has such a flair… Read more »

“The quilting is just gorgeous! ”
—Theresa, customer since 2006

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