Day Two…Monday

Monday morning…up bright and early (well for me anyway) at 7:15 am. We had a great breakfast and headed out to see René and Winn’s friend Crystal. On the way we stopped at Wooden Bridge Dry Goods for a little shopping and for René to pick up the quilt she was having hand quilted. The quilt was beautiful! After that we stopped at Echo  Hill so René could pick up her granola ingredients. Echo Hill is like an Amish Sam’s Club! Lots of bulk foods and goodies! I had never seen so many “butters” in my life! Apple butter, blueberry butter, pear butter, plum butter, you name it, they had it! They also had a lot of  baking supplies, check out these sprinkles! I couldn’t get the entire collection in the photo!

Sprinkles and colored sugar found at Echo Hill

After we left Echo Hill, we headed over to Crystal’s. I had heard a lot about Crystal and quite frankly was a little intimidated to meet her! My fears were unfounded though, she was a lovely lady and gracious hostess! We toured her new home and it was beautiful! Crystal lives just outside of Bryn Athyn PA and is a member of the New Church community. After lunch she took us on a tour of Bryn Athyn and their cathedral. The cathedral is beautiful and is a National Historic Landmark. They give walk-in tours in the afternoon, but we were just a little late to get the full tour. Crystal did a great job on her own. Here are the four of us in front of the Bryn Athyn Cathedral.

Our drive home wouldn’t be complete without another stop at a fabric store! We drove through torrential rain to hit Hayloft Fabrics just as a double rainbow appeared in the sky! Hayloft Fabrics was an interesting store – kind of a loft on the second floor of a supermarket!

We arrived home fairly early (compared to the rest of the week) and had a great dinner of leftover chicken in a salad – delish! Then it was back to sewing! René worked on one of the bindings on her quilts and Winn and I got to work making a quilted pocketbook (or handbag, or purse!). I used black and white fabrics and then used my hot fix crystal tool and blinged it up! Here’s how my bag turned out – pretty fabulous, isn’t it!

my new bag - all blinged out!

We crashed about 12:30 am and I was asleep within minutes of my head hitting my pillow!

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