Day Five…Thursday

They let me sleep a little later this morning…I think they were feeling a little guilty! We headed out to the Hershey Quilt show to see what was cooking there —

I really think they had more vendors than quilts at this show! There were a couple of really cool vendors and some of the same old, same old vendors.

The quilts were great! Some of them really knocked my socks off! There was a nice mix of hand and machine quilting – both were incredible, too!

After spending the day at the quilt show, we headed back to Winn’s house where Jerry had us all set for “happy hour” at the train tracks…René is…how can I say this delicately…a train freak! There is no delicate way to say it! We got to the crossing and within minutes a train was barreling down the tracks. Luckily we grabbed some pennies in time to put them on the tracks to get smooshed.

I have never seen René like this! She was grinning ear to ear and standing within 10′ of the train as it whooshed by! It was a blast watching her watch the train go by. The conductor gave a couple of blasts on the horn and she was in heaven! Not long after the first train went by, we heard another…got another couple of pennies on the track which turned into a couple of cool souvenirs!

We stopped at A.C. Moore and Michael’s for some more “bling” to play with (it’s a good thing both stores take Joanne’s coupons!).

Another late but delicious dinner and then we sewed some more.

I wasn’t worried about staying up too late on Thursday, cause I knew Friday was a “sleep-in” day!!

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“As a novice quilter, I love how my quilts look after Lisa’s done with them. And all my mistakes remain a secret with her! ”
—Suzanne, customer since 2006

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