Day Seven…Saturday

Even though I got up relatively early, I didn’t beat René who was already packing the car with her dad! We had yet another breakfast of English muffins and spun honey (it’s addicting!) and got ready to leave.

I really can’t begin to thank Winn and Jerry for their hospitality! What wonderful hosts they were! I never felt awkward or out of place…I felt like I was home. I got to meet René’s brother Jim that morning…but he’s a “keep to yourself” kind of guy so we really didn’t get to talk. Isn’t it interesting when you meet your friend’s family and realize things like “Oh! That’s why she/he does it that way!” There’s something about family dynamics that intrigues me!

So we headed out onto the highway and our way back North…I’m still not sure where I was, but I know this – I had an AWESOME time! I hope they’ll have me back again, sometime!

Now time to get ready for another adventure…OHIO!

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