Day Six…Friday

Our last day in Pennsylvania. Ahhhhhh I got to sleep in today! After a yummy breakfast of English muffins and spun honey (René has quite the sweet tooth, I’ve found out!) we headed up to the sewing room and sewed most of the morning in our pajamas (so decadent!). I worked on a liturgical stole for my daughter-in-law, Sarah, Winn worked on another bag and René…I can’t remember what René worked on!

Later that afternoon we took a trip to the Vanity Fair outlets. There were definitely some bargains to be had! I purchased three shirts and six pair of socks for a mere $22! I love bargain shopping! I could have stayed another hour, but it was getting late!

Our last night was spent packing up our sewing stuff. I had gotten a call earlier in the day that one of our parishioners had died suddenly, so I wanted to get home as soon as possible on Saturday. René was very sweet, even offering to leave on Friday so I could get home faster. Instead we packed up our stuff and put it in the living room so we could pack the car first thing.

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