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There are two kinds of people…the organized kind and the unorganized kind. Unfortunately, try as I might, I fall into the later category. I’m trying to get ready for my quilt guild’s retreat this weekend and it’s bordering on ridiculous! I do okay up until the last minute and then I start chucking everything in the car for fear I might forget something, so I wind up with a huge bunch of stuff I really don’t need which in turn makes it even harder to focus on one project at a time!

Today, I cut strips and squares for a quilt I want to work on using a Hoffman Bali Pop called “Green Tea”, got them in the order I want, and placed them in a zip-loc bag along with the instruction book for the pattern and sealed it up…now can someone tell me why I’m so nervous I’ve forgotten something? I hope to get a picture up on Sunday of the finished quilt, but don’t hold your breath!

The next thing I gathered was a few pieces of fabric to make a small purse by Lazy Girl Designs. I picked two fabrics I adore and a friend is supplying me with a zipper (since I bought a 7″ zipper instead of the 12″ one I needed!). That’s all set to go in another zip-loc.

This is where I start to make myself crazy…do I have enough to keep me busy while I’m at the retreat? Should I throw in another project? Do I have another project to throw in?

So how do you organize your projects for retreats? Do you make lists? Leave a suggestion in the comment section please!

Back to more packing…


Stephanie Lacher

I am enjoying your website/blog. I just have one suggestion..when I was in the gallery, I clicked on a pic to make it larger. When I hit return, it took me back to the home page, not the gallery. I had to reenter the gallery each time I wanted to see a larger pic. It would be nice if the back button took me back to the gallery instead of the home page.


    actually, if you use your left and right arrow keys you can look through all the pictures. Hope this helps.

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