Rising from the ashes…

Okay, so that might be a little dramatic, but that’s really what it feels like. I haven’t sewn much of anything for about a year. Between Covid-19 and just general apathy I haven’t really felt creative at all, but yesterday afternoon I saw a pattern I had purchased to make my great nephew a quilt and something stirred inside of me…am I ready? Yep, I was! I started picking fabrics and fell back in love with piecing! I may have been a little concerned that I would be rusty after so long, but I still got it! So I’m back… Read more »

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QuiltCon 2019 (part one)

The Modern Quilt Guild holds a quilt show each year – one year on the West Coast, the other on/or near the East Coast. This year it was held February 21 – 23 in Nashville TN and I joined my friends from NH for five days and four nights of quilt related FUN! Here is my review… First off, I would like to publicly ask the Modern Quilt Guild to please change the time of year the show is held! Traveling from the North East in February can be a nightmare! My first flight out of Newark was cancelled but… Read more »

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Here Am I. Send Me! – (How to Love the Grieving at Christmas)

I first saw Jodi’s blog through a friend of mine on Facebook. Jodi is a widow, like me. Her words are often a comfort to me and today’s post was perfect. I thought I was doing okay this holiday season, but tonight after Advent worship, I realized I’m not. Please read Jodi’s post about How to Love the Grieving at Christmas. Like I said, it’s perfect. I’ll be okay, I have good friends to care for me nearby and family that I talk with frequently. Reach out to someone you know who’s grieving this holiday season and let them know… Read more »

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“Did you ever try to catch a falling leaf?”

Indulge me if you will… Thirty-nine years ago I received this letter from my boyfriend (who would later become my husband of 34 years). We had been dating (long distance) for about seven months when he wrote it. Neither one of us had a license or a car at the time, so we wrote to each other…a lot! He was an amazing writer, even as an eighteen year old.  November 19, 1978 Lisa, Did you ever try to catch a falling leaf? I mean, did you ever, as you just walked along the street on a fall day, think that… Read more »

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On the frame July 7, 2017

Worked on this delightful quilt today! Pieced by Carolanne, the fabrics are Carolyn Freidlander, the thread is Superior Omni in Silver, the batting is Hobbs 80/20 and the pantograph is “Water World” from Willow Leaf Studio. Hand guided quilting.

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Let’s face it, we all want it, even crave it. For someone to say, “You did a great job!” or “I’m so glad you were there for me.” I love it when a customer sees his or her quilt for the first time after I’ve finished quilting it – such joy on their faces! Makes me feel good about my profession. But we need affirmation in our regular lives too, not just on the job. My husband Tom was very conservative when it came to PDA (Public Display of Affection). When we first started dating, I was 15 and was… Read more »

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On (and off!) the frame – June 22, 2017

The beautiful kaleidoscope quilt took Ellen 6 years to piece! And she did such a good job of it! All batiks (front and back)! Swirled Feather pantograph (by Beany Girl Quilts), Hobbs 80/20 batting and Superior Omni thread in Sesame Seed.

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On The Frame June 13, 2017

Quilt made by Susie Boots (@sboots812 on Instagram). Dimensions are 101″ x 108″. Pattern is Downtown Cabins from the book [amazon_link asins=’1617450308′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’lisaspage’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’956ca4c0-52db-11e7-8bd1-f9f963daed32′] The fabrics are Kona Solids. Batting is Hobbs 80/20. Thread is Superior Omni in Natural White. Pantograph is Uptown by Urban Elementz. Loved quilting this quilt!

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It’s a daily struggle

I struggle with posting about dealing with my grief, part of me says these are quilty people, they don’t want to hear it and another part says, these are also my friends who care about me and how I’m doing. Well if you’re still with me now, I’ll tell you how I’m doing. I’m struggling. I spent ten days with family and friends celebrating my nephew’s wedding in Colorado. Five days in Colorado and 5 days in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It was a lovely time with a lot of laughter and a few tears. The wedding was beautiful in… Read more »

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“Thanks Lisa, I just love it! ”
—Sharel, customer since 2007

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