Building Up Friday!

Today started off as it usually does, came downstairs and started reading emails but that’s when it changed…I got a snarky email which put a ding in my day, then the replies and such and then I got an email from a friend advising to give it over to God and get on with your day and she was right. So I decided, instead of tearing someone down, I was going to build someone up today! So here it is:

I have several very creative friends…mind boggling creative…stand in awe creative! One of them is Marie. Marie has such a flair for color and fabrics that it amazes me! She makes log cabin quilts new again! She has also taken it upon herself to publish her own patterns! I’ve always wanted to do that, but don’t have the gumption to actually do it! But Marie has! Marie also has a blog that I follow Marie’s Creative Space!

This is her Mini Sewing Kit Pattern and it’s adorable! This I know because I was gifted one at Christmas! I love it! And I love the fact that she has created a pattern that’s easy to follow and makes a great sewing kit!

So this one is for you, Marie Joerger!



Love it! She IS incredible and I agree, love my sewing kit! 🙂
Rock on Li!


I got one too and I love it!! And I agree with you that we have VERY creative friends!!!

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