Thread, Thread, Thread…

I spent the past week at the MQX Quilt Festival in Manchester. It was a great week filled with lots of fun and lots of learning! More on that later. What I really wanted to do was talk thread.

I have been using mostly Signature 100% cotton thread in my longarm for the past 12 years. I don’t have any problems with it, the colors are great and well, it’s predictable.

The past few months I’ve been paying attention when someone would ask another machine quilter what kind of thread they like/use. Quite a few said they love Glide, while others raved about Omni. I decided that this would be the week to try them out. I picked up two cones of Omni (6,000 yards!!!) from the Superior Threads booth at MQX Quilt Festival and an assortment of cones (1,000 meters) of Glide from the Fil-Tec booth. While in the Superior booth, I also came across a thread I hadn’t heard of before – Magnifico. It was really pretty so I couldn’t help but pick up a 3,000 yard cone of it in a gorgeous coppery gold color (I’ve been drawn to metallics lately).

After taking 4 classes with Angela Walters (I hope she doesn’t think I was stalking her!), I came home excited and ready to quilt! I loaded up a piece of muslin and popped some Glide on. Whoa! I really like this stuff — no breakage, looks pretty, tension was good, worked well in both auto and manual mode on my machine! Looks like we’ve got a keeper…

Now on to the Omni…uh oh…this is just as pretty, no breakage, good tension, works well in both auto and manual mode…another keeper!

What about the Magnifico? Yep, you guessed it – beautiful! Again, no breakage, good tension, works will in manual and auto mode…

What? I was hoping I would have a clear “winner” in my search for a new thread and instead I’ve got THREE! I suppose there are worse things in life. I was just hoping to be able to say, I only use ________ thread. Not going to happen this time!

So I’ll keep playing around with the different threads and keeping my ears open for the next thread I need to try – hey, if you have any suggestions just let me know!

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