Quilting was not my first love….I know, shocking, isn’t it?!? When I was in fourth or fifth grade, my mother sent me to the Singer Sewing School at the Singer Sewing Center in the Nanuet Mall. Every Saturday for what felt like forever, I got up early and was dropped off at the mall before it opened and attended sewing classes. We got to pick out a pattern, fabrics and notions and was walked through the construction process and at the end of the “term” there was going to be a Fashion Show! We were going to get to model our clothes in front of everyone in the mall!! This did not sit well with me….my garment looked swell on the hanger but on me…ugh. I walked in that fashion show, but hated every minute of it and to this day, anything garment I sew for myself looks great on the hanger and awful on me! I still love the construction process as long as I’m sewing for someone else and not me! I made my son boxer shorts when  he was little and I have made my husband some clerics (although I need to make him some more!), I just love following the step by step directions and seeing what appears!

But in the late eighties I discovered counted cross-stitch…I had already made my son a quilt and that was fun but this cross-stitch stuff was (at the time) better! I bought kits galore, took pattern books out from the library, I had a huge floss collection. Friends and family received cross-stitch masterpieces as gifts! But that grew old pretty quickly…

Then my family came to visit us in North Carolina and my niece re-introduced me to knitting! I had learned to knit in third grade (everyone got knitted slippers for Christmas from me that year!) but hadn’t even thought about it for twenty-five years and low and behold I could remember how to do it! So I purchased needles, yarn, giant safety-pinny things and started knitting again…I made a green and white striped sweater for my five month old niece (which she promptly outgrew), I knitted scarves like a mad woman! But again, that grew old….

I stuck with quilting. I liked (and still do!) every aspect of making a quilt…the cutting, the sewing, the quilting, the binding – you name it, I love to do it! I have given each of my nieces and nephews quilts for their high school graduations (and I’m hoping they love them and use them!), I’ve made them for friends having babies, I try to make one each year for our church’s charity auction, I have one on my bed and one on the bed in the guest room…I have quilted throws for when you’re visiting and you get chilly. I have more than enough quilts…and yet I continue to make more! And probably always will…

But yesterday, I took a class on making a beaded bracelet. The supplies weren’t very expensive (I was expecting to spend a lot more!) and I’ll have a lot left over (kind of like quilting!). I found the actual process to be quiet relaxing and something I can do while sitting on the couch in the evening with my husband. I’m already thinking of what I have that I can use for storage for my beads, jewelry findings, etc…In my head, I’m picking out color combinations for people for Christmas gifts!


Beading my last a while for me, but there will always be quilting!


Sharon Scott

That is beautiful! I would love to learn how to do that. I do a lot of beading on my quilts (by hand), but not like this. I used to make love beads back in the day :). I love beads 🙂

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