A Little Tip to Make Your Machine Binding a Little Easier!

Binding Spools!

Binding Spools!

I recently had a customer drop off three quilts and she wanted me to attach the binding to to the front of each one for her. As she was giving me the tops and backings, she handed me these three thread spools that had fabric on them. I must have looked puzzled, because she said, “haven’t you seen this before?” I told her no, what are they? Binding spools!! I don’t know about you, but when I’m putting binding on my quilts I roll the binding up and sit it in my lap. It usually unwinds, falls on the floor, and I roll my chair across it a couple times! In general, a pain in the ass.
Instead, what she did, was roll her binding on an empty thread spool an put a strip of selvage thru the spool and tie a knot in it making a sort of make shift necklace. You put the necklace over your head and it unwinds as you sew, keeping everything neat and tidy! (something I can really use in my sewing room!)
So there’s my little tip for you today – feel free to leave your favorite sewing tip in the comments!
Happy Sewing!

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“OMG, I love it!!!!! Thank you so much. ”
—Roxanne, customer since 2019

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