Quilting a “modern quilt”

For the second time this year, I was asked to quilt a modern charity quilt.
The first was for a guild that I knew I wasn’t going to rejoin, so there was some guilt involved there and the second was for my modern guild (NHMQG) that is going to be at QuiltCon 2016 so no pressure there!
There is typically a lot of straight line quilting involved in modern quilts, which on a regular sewing machine is really no problem, but on a longarm we’re talking ruler work. There’s an extended base, a selection of rulers and micro handles involved.
I was involved in the piecing of this first quilt. A group of six of us got together and pieced it in an evening! It was a great group experience! When I got this quilt (which is being raffled off by Souhegan Valley Quilters Guild, I pretty much knew what I was going to do. Following in the footsteps of Judi Madsen I decided to re-create the block in the negative space of the quilt. It started getting tricky when there were some blocks that were 3/4 blocks and others that were 1/2 blocks, but I muddled thru and am very happy with the results. I used Hobbs 80/20 batting and Superior Omni thread in White. Judi Madsen’s favorite ruler helped immensely on the straight line quilting! No cramping hands this time! I hope it sells lots of raffle tickets and the person who wins it is happy with it!

a close-up of the SVGQ Raffle quilt I quilted earlier this year.

A close-up of the SVGQ Raffle quilt I quilted earlier this year.

The second quilt is a modern improv quilt. Members were given a packet and invited to create an improv block using the fabric provided. It was fun creating the blocks. Again a group of us got together at a friend’s house and we put all the pieces up on a design wall and moved things around until we were happy with the layout and then pieced it. Piecing an improv quilt can be quite interesting…you really have to think about it! The blocks are all different sizes, some not even square! Throw in six different people with six different design aesthetics and it gets interesting! But we got it together and I LOVE it!

Here are a few pictures of the final product – I don’t have a full picture yet, it’s off being blocked and bound, but keep an eye on this post for updates!





NHMQG QuiltCon Charity Quilt



In this shot you can see the Tula Pink “Free Fall” backing fabric. It is gorgeous! And so silky soft! All of us loved it and it was great to work with.


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