Does it Work???

Have you ever watched one of those “consumer reports” segments on the news and think, I want to do that? No? Neither did I, but it happened anyway!
My husband Tom saw an “As Seen on TV” infomercial for the Car Cane and was wondering if it actually worked or not. We were out shopping one night and he pointed it out to me. Tom has Parkinson’s Disease, and sometimes has some trouble getting in and out of the car. It was $14.99 which both us us didn’t want to spend on something we had no idea if it worked or not so we passed it by.
Two days later I was watching NECN (New England Cable News) and they had their Wednesday morning segment “Does it Work” with Leslie Gaydos and at the end, they invited the viewers to contact them with your “Does it Work” item. So I did!
Now when I sent them the email I never thought they would want us to do the segment! I figured they’d find someone local to test the product and we’d get our answer. But no, I get an email saying great! can we come on Monday? What?!? You want us?!? Ohmygoodness, I can’t loose 20 lbs before Monday! But I thought about it and you know, life is an adventure so we decided to do it!
They were supposed to come on Monday the 8th but we had snow that day and rescheduled for Thursday the 11th (my son’s birthday!).
Leslie and her cameraman showed up at our house on a really cold day and we sat at our dining room table and she “warmed us up”. I didn’t think my nervousness was showing, but Leslie knew right away and calmed me down, reassuring me that we’d be fine. I have to say I was really impressed with how comfortable she made us feel about the whole thing. We talked about the newsroom, our favorite anchors, our favorite weather people, etc. It was a lot of fun.
Once her cameraman Daryl (I’m almost positive his name was Daryl, but I apologize if I’m wrong!) got the shots of the product that he needed, he started filming and we were off! She had us discuss a little about why we were interested in the product, whether we thought it would work or not and then came the moment of truth….
The package opened up way easier than we expected and we examined the Car Cane. Seemed pretty sturdy, has a flashlight (batteries included!), a seat belt cutter and windshield breaker (God forbid you need it!). It had a decent heft to it, too.
We brought it outside to Tom’s car and he showed Leslie how he gets in and out of the car normally and then he tried it with the Car Cane. He tried it from the passenger seat and then from the driver’s seat. And then she had me try it, and she gave it a go, too!
Did it work?
We promised her we wouldn’t tell until the segment aired! And now that it has we can tell you that YES! It did work! I was really surprised! I didn’t think the angle or the height would be right for it to work and I was wrong!
So if you’re interested in checking us out on TV, just follow this link to NECN’s Does it Work!

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