On Being Creative…

In December of 2011, a group of seven quilters formed the “Creative Conglomeration” and for the next 11 months offered up challenges based on color. Some of the challenges were basic (use seven shades of green), and some were very specific (use this piece of fabric and the theme is…). I had a ball completing each of the challenges – even though I was lucky to meet the deadlines!

Fast forward to October 2013 – Nine friends decide to take a trip to MA to hear a lecture and trunk show by Victoria Findley Wolfe – we were in awe. One of the things she talked about was a Double Wedding Ring challenge which really intrigued me, so when we got back to the parking lot that we carpooled out of, I issued our own Double Wedding Ring challenge!

The only rules were it had to be a double wedding ring! One ring, four rings, ten rings…whatever you wanted!

Click here to see the challenge pieces that were revealed last night — the only one missing was our friend Annick.

I hope you enjoy the reveal and I challenge YOU to get creative with your own challenge!!

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“As a novice quilter, I love how my quilts look after Lisa’s done with them. And all my mistakes remain a secret with her! ”
—Suzanne, customer since 2006

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